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The farther from us is the XX century - the century of change and upheaval, the greater is the sense of nostalgia for such ambiguous, but nevertheless, fascinating past. Art gallery «Nostalgie» will help you in keeping a piece of a bygone era. Paintings of the second half of the XX century are displayed in our art gallery. This is the flourishing period of socialist realism and realism in general. In recent years, there is a growing interest to the works of the socialist realism era. It’s not fashion or a temporary phenomenon, but a natural desire to be in time to get what will soon become an expensive rarity.

You can be completely sure of the authenticity of paintings purchased from our gallery, since almost all of them were bought from the family collections of artists, their descendants or friends. The absence of middlemen makes it possible to surprise you with an acceptable cost of really valuable paintings. The level of artists, whose works are represented in our art gallery, is confirmed with the awarding them state awards and prizes, assignment of different ranks, participation of their paintings in many exhibitions and auctions. Pay your attention to the variety of genres of the offered paintings. No matter if you are a fan of landscapes or still life or portraits or genre painting, you will be able to find the picture on your taste.

The gallery also provides services for examination and restoration of the paintings. We have a framing workshop. If you can not choose one of several paintings that you are interested in, please contact us and we will give you the opportunity to see them and make the right choice, so the acquired painting will not only be a decoration of the interior, a valuable gift or good investment, but also will give you a sense of the aesthetic pleasure for many years.

              ews of our gallery

27.04 Were added works of Solodovnikov A.P.

25.04 Were added works of Volkova N.P.

18.04 Was added work of Chichkan A.L.

13.04 Were added works of Chernikov V.M. and Lelchuk-Minskaya M.G.

10.04 Were added works of Repka V.A.

8.04 Was added work of Kolesnik V.A.

7.04 Were added works of Repka S.N.

6.04 Was added work of Sabadysh P.E.

5.04 Were added works of Tarasenko V.S.

4.04 Were added works of Kogan-Shatz M.B. and Yakymets A.Y.

3.04 Was added work of Kovalenko S.D.

31.03 Were added works of Titova O.G. and Lelchuk-Minskaya M.G.

23.03 Was added joint work of Mironova E.F. and Yavorsky L.F.

18.03 Were added works of Solodovnikov A.P.

16.03 Were added works of Solodovnikov A.P.

8.03 Was added work of Bednoshey D.P.

4.03 Were added works of Smirnov V.S.

3.03 Were added works of Koshtelyanchuk L.F., Chernikov V.M. and Ovsyannikova E.I.

1.03 Was added work of Shponko G.A.

24.02 Was added work of Repka V.A.

23.02 Was added work of Krylov K.A.

20.02 Was added work of Sholtes Z.I.

19.02 Were added works of Kolesnik V.A.

16.02 Was added work of Kovalenko S.D.

14.02 Was added work of Belov V.E.

1.02 Was added work of Titova O.G.

14.01 Was added work of Sytnik V.I.

14.01 Was added work of a new painter Kovalenko S. D.

12.01 Was added work of Maksimenko A.G.

3.01 Were added works of Zorko А.Е. and Koshtelyanchuk L.F.

27.12 Were added works of Hrustalenko N.A. and Bernadsky V.D.

30.12 Was added catalog of works of Livshytz S.N.

25.12 Was added booklet of works of Livshytz S.N.

24.12 Was added booklet of works of Dovgalevskaya V.V.

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Akinshine Mikhail Vassilyevich

Kolesnik Vladimir Artemyevich

Shponko Grigoriy Andreyevich

Bazylev Nikolay Ivanovich

Fomin Anatoliy Nikiforovich

Gaiduk Viktor Kirillovich

Gubarev Aleksandr Ivanovich

Polchenko Vsevolod Grigoryevich

Puzyrevich Aleksandr Adamovich

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