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Sytnik Vladimir Ivanovich
1939 - 1982

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Sytnik V.I. :: In Kyiv ::
60-th, 46С…69,5, canvas on cardboard, oil

price on request

Sytnik V.I. :: Construction of the underground "Dnipro" in Kyiv ::
1960-th, 36,5x49, oil on cardboard

price on request

Exhibition of works

Sytnik V.I. :: At the factory ::
1960-th, 50x37, oil on cardboard

Sytnik V.I. :: On the railway ::
1960-th, 48x33, oil on cardboard

Sytnik V.I. :: Krivoy Rog ::
1960-th, 67,5x47, oil on cardboard

Sytnik V.I. :: To work. Krivoy Rog ::
1960-th, 49,5x69,5, oil on cardboard

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