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Shovkunenko Aleksey A.
1884 - 1974

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"А. А. Shovkunenko". Album
Moscow, "Soviet painter", 1954


"А. Shovkunenko and his studens". Paintings from Private Collections
Kiev, 2010

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"Aleksey Shovkunenko". Exhibition of selected works. Catalog.
State Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts. "Mystetstvo", Київ, 1974

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L. Vladich "Aleksey Shovkunenko". Album.
"Mystetstvo", Kiev, 1976


Exhibition of works

Shovkunenko А.А. :: Panorama of the city from the window ::
1951, 50х69,4, canvas on cardboard, oil

Shovkunenko А.А. :: Flowers on the windowsill ::
1950-th, 60х42,5, oil on cardboard

Shovkunenko А.А. :: Portrait of a wife ::
11946, 70х58, pastel on cardboard

Shovkunenko А.А. :: The October parade on the Feldman square ::
1933, 41х58, cardboard, mixed technique

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