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Petrov Georgiy Petrovich
1927 - 2014
Georgiy Petrov was born on January 19, 1927 in the city of Engels of the Saratov region (Russia).
In 1953 he graduated from the Saratov Art School.
Since 1973 he was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
He lived and worked in Kherson (Ukraine)
Georgiy Petrov created oil and watercolor paintings in the genre of landscape and still life.
He was a permanent participant of the regional and national art exhibitions.
His artworks there are in the collection of the Kherson Art museum, galleries and private collections.

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Petrov G.P. :: At a construction site ::
1964, 34х48, oil on cardboard


Exhibition of works

Petrov G.P. :: Seaport ::
1961, 183 х 105, oil on canvas

Petrov G.P. :: At shore ::
oil on canvas, 110х160, 1962

Petrov G.P. :: Winter city ::
1970-th, 50х70, oil on canvas

Petrov G.P. :: Evening ::
1999, 48,5х68,5, oil on canvas

Petrov G.P. :: Urban landscape ::
1970-th, 41х31, oil on cardboard

Petrov G.P. :: On shore ::
1967, 35х50, oil on cardboard

Petrov G.P. :: First green ::
1961, 48х69, oil on cardboard

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