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Miroshnichenko Pavel P.

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Miroshnichenko P.P. :: Mysovoye ::
1965, 45х66, canvas on cardboard, oil


Lot 61 of the Auction of classical art collection
`Euro Art` from April 27, 2013

Exhibition of works

Miroshnichenko P.P. :: Spring on the South Coast ::
1979, 80х100, oil on cardboard

Miroshnichenko P.P. :: Crimea. The end of the summer ::
1964, 66х48, oil on cardboard

Signature from the reverse side of the picture of
Miroshnichenko P.P. "Crimea. The end of the summer"

Miroshnichenko P.P. :: Cape ::
1976, 33х60, oil on canvas

Miroshnichenko P.P. :: River. In the foothills of the Crimea ::
1978, 68х100, oil on canvas

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