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Ivanova Larisa Vladimirovna
d.b. 1926

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"Larisa Ivanova" Album. Illustrations. Watercolors. Drawings. Prints. Portraits.
National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Museum of Lesya Ukrainka. Kiev, 2009

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Exhibition of works

Ivanova L.V. :: Lesya and Mavka ::
1976, lithography

Ivanova L.V.
:: Oh, is it better in some other country, like here in our own Volyn ::

Ivanova L.V. :: Lesya Ukrainka ::

Ivanova L.V.
:: Illustration for the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" ::

Ivanova L.V. :: Roman and Parasya ::
1968, linocut

Ivanova L.V. :: Gutsul girl Gafiyka ::
1956, watercolor

Ivanova L.V. :: Gutsul kids ::
1962, color linocut

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