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Chernyavskiy Georgiy Georgievich

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"Georgiy Chernyavskiy". From the series of works "For Lenin places"
Kyiv, "Mystetstvo", 1972

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Georgiy Georgievich Chernyavskiy "Lenin in Poland".
Catalogue of paintings and graphics.

Artists' Union of the Ukrainian SSR. Kiev, 1980

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Catalogue of works of folk artist of USSR Georgiy Chernyavskiy ( 1924 - 1981 )
Kiev branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, 1983, Kiev

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"Georgiy Georgievich Chernyavskiy". Exhibition of works.
"Promin", Dnipropetrovsk, 1967

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"Ulianov family in Ukraine". From the exhibition of national
artist of USSR Georgiy Chernyavskiy. Album.

"Mystetstvo", Kyiv, 1979

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Chernyavskiy G.G. (together with the artist Zhugan V.A.) :: Spring ::
1970-th, 150х120, oil on canvas


Exhibition of works

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: Winter ::
1970-th, 52х70, oil on canvas

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: House - Museum of Lenin V.I. in Warsaw ::

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: River Beliy Dunayets ::

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: Village Beliy Dunayets ::

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: Farmhouse in the Tatras ::

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: House on a Queen Jadwiga street in Krakow ::

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: Krakow. Wawel ::

Chernyavskiy G.G. :: Carpathians ::
1960-th, 45х65, watercolor on paper

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