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Chebotaru Tamara Vissarionovna
born in 1954

Tamara Chebotaru is a Ukrainian artist.
She was born on May 7, 1954 in the village Glubokoe of the Odessa region.
She studied in the Odessa Pedagogical Institute, in the graphic art department.
In 1977, after graduation, Tamara Chebotaru moved to Sevastopol. She worked as a teacher at the art studio and as an artist-designer at the cultural center "Korabel".
The main genre of Gebotaru's paintang is still life. She is well known as a talented author of very beautiful still lifes. Still lifes by Chebotaru have their own range of colors and a special manner of applying paints on canvas, allowing the viewer to perceive the paintings volumetrically.
Chebotaru has been a participant of the city, Crimean, Ukrainian and international art exhibitions.
Tamara's husband is an artist Nikolai Chebotu, her sons are artists Andrey and Alex Chebotaru. Exhibitinons of paintings by Chebotaru family were held in Kiev, Sevastopol, Simferopol and St. Petersburg.
Tamara Chebotaru's painting are represented in galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Greece, France, Holland and other countries.

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Chebotaru T.V. :: Peonies ::
2014, 7385, oil on canvas


Exhibition of works

Chebotaru T.V. :: Irises ::
2013, 70x60, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Still life with cherries ::
2013, 70x70, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Still life with pomegranate ::
2014, 8070, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Peonies ::
2014, 7080, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Still life with roses and fruits ::
2013, 70x80, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Poppies with daisies ::
2015, 8070, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Roses ::
2009, 8090, oil on canvas

Chebotaru T.V. :: Bouquet of irises ::
2013, 60x70, oil on canvas

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