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Boychuk Mikhail Leontyevich (Lvovich)
1882 - 1937

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Yaroslav Kravchenko "School of Mikhail Boychuk. 37 names".
Scientific and artistic publication.

Lviv National Academy of Arts. Department of History and Theory of Art.
"Book workshop", Kiev, 2010

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`M. Boychuk`. Album-catalog of surviving works. Ukrainian Institute of
collecting artistic monuments in the Shevchenko Scientific Society.

"Oranta-Druk", Lviv-Kyiv, 2010


Exhibition of works

Boychuk M.L. :: Portrait of a man, night ::
the beginning of 1910-th, 37,5x30,5, paper, watercolor, ink

Boychuk M.L. :: Milkwoman ::
1920, 95x45, tempera on canvas

Boychuk M.L. :: portrait of a Woman ::
the beginning of 1910-th, 27x21, paper, tempera, oil

Boychuk M.L. :: Portrait of Adam Zheromski ::
1904, 59x48, oil on canvas

Boychuk M.L. :: Lord's Supper ::
1911, 187x257, board, tempera

Boychuk M.L. :: Saint ::
1926, 34,5x26, board, tempera

Boychuk M.L. :: St. John ::
1910, 63x38, mosaic

Boychuk M.L. :: The girl near a tree, night ::
the beginning of 1910-th, 25,5x34, cardboard, tempera, watercolor

Boychuk M.L. :: Mother giving baby drink ::
1910, paper, charcoal

Boychuk M.L. :: Portrait of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky ::
the beginning of 1910-th, 31,4x22,6, paper, pencil

Boychuk M.L. :: Shepherdess ::
the beginning of 1910-th, 20,5x15,1, paper

Boychuk M.L. :: Katerina, night ::
the beginning of 1910-th, 15,8x13,7, paper

Boychuk M.L. :: Self portrait ::
the beginning of the 1910-th, 10,8x10, pencil on paper

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