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Afanasiev Vladimir Nikolayevich
born in 1949

Afanasiev is an Ukrainian painter and graphic artist, author of books on art, publicist.
Vladimir Nikolayevich Afanasyev was born on March 1, 1949 in the village of Pavlovka of the Odessa region.
In 1971 he graduated from art-graphic department of the Odessa pedagogical institute.
In 1977 he founded and headed Art school in the town Artsyz.
Since 1970, Afanasiev is a participant of the regional, national and international art exhibitions.
In 1980's, he was a member of the famous exhibitions that was organized by Odessa nonconformist artists.
Vladimir Afanasiev is called Ukrainian Modigliani. His paintings combine elements of realism, cubism, fauvism and folk art.
In 2002 he wrote and published his book "The World of graphics artist Afanasiev", in 2004 - the book "Wedding in the graphic of Vladimir Afanasyev," which was presented in the Scientific Library in Odessa.
Since 2008 he is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
From 2 to 16 August 2014 in Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art was held a personal exhibition of Vladimir Nikolayevich Afanasyev.
Afanasiev's paintings are represented in the museums, galleries and private collections in Ukraine, France, UK, Germany, USA.

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Exhibition of works

Afanasyev V.N. :: Portrait of gymnast ::
1980-th, 52х40, oil on cardboard

Afanasyev V.N. :: Women talk ::
71х100, oil on canvas

Afanasyev V.N. :: Sweet grapes ::
1980, 61х42, oil on paper

Afanasyev V.N. :: Still Life with ceramics ::
1985, 50х46, oil on canvas

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