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Shumov Pavel V.
d.b. 1964

PAVEL SHUMOV was born in October 6, 1964 in Yalta - a small cosy town on the Crimean Black Sea coast, in the family of artists.
In 1978, after finishing F.Vasilyev art school in Yalta, he went to St.Petersburg to study.
In 1982 he graduated with honours from the art school named after B. Ioganson at the Academy of Fine Arts named after I.Repin in St.Petersburg.
Now Pavel lives and worked in Yalta as a painter and graphic artist. The subjects of his works are Crimean landscapes, stillifes, nude and portraits.
A member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine from 2002.
You can find Shumov's pictures in the Lvov Picture Gallery and in Livadia Palace in Yalta.
Private Collections: Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Canada, England, Poland, Sweden, Yugoslawiya, Hungary, Switzerland, Cyprus, Italy, France, Finland, Belgium.

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Exhibition of works

Shumov P.V. :: Cape Meganom. Kurortnoye ::
2004, 22х49, oil on cardboard

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