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Polevoy Gennadiy Petrovich
1927 - 2017

Polevoy G.P. is a Ukrainian graphic artist and writer.
Gennadiy Polevoy (Mohyla) was born on June 3, 1927 in Odessa. His father - Petro Mohyla was an actor (his alias is Polevoy), his mother - Maria Petrovna Kazakova (Fedorova) was an actor and director.
In 1950, with Gennadiy's brother, composer Valeriy Polevoy, Gennady was arrested. He was accused of the formation of anti-Soviet organization "People's Liberation Party", wich ostensibly had the purpose of overthrowing the Soviet political system. From 1950 to 1954 he worked at hard labor in Solikamsk in Siberia
After his rehabilitation in 1954, Polevoy began studying at the Kiev Institute of Art, at the Department of graphics, studio easel graphics. His teachers were Kasiyan, Pleschinskii, Pashchenko. He graduated in 1960.
Since 1958, Polevoy started to participate at the regional art exhibition, since 1962 - national and since 1963 - international art exhibitions.
Since 1965 he is a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
The artist's wife was Galina Ilinichna Garkavenko (1933-2008), she's a famous Ukrainian watercolorist.
Polevoy has had more than 20 personal exhibitions.
Polevoy's paintings are kept in more than 35 museums, galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

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"Gennadiy Polevoy". Catalog
Kiev, 1975


"Gennadiy Polevoy". Catalogue of Works. Watercolor. Prints. Figure.
Union of Artists of Ukraine. Kiev branch of the
Union of Artists of Ukraine. Kiev, 1988


Polevoy G.P. :: Fortress ::
1970, 20х30, paper. etching


Exhibition of works

Polevoy G.P. :: Autumn birches ::
1965, 30х19, watercolor on paper

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