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Mahukov Aleksandr V.
D.b. 1927

Mahukov Alexander Vasilievich, ukrainian painter.
Was born in 1927 in a small Gukino village, region of Lugansk.
From 1944 to 1951 he served in The Soviet Union military service in The Northern Fleet.
After leaving the military service he studied and worked in a “Painters Partnership” studio(from 1966 renamed to The Industrial Art Compex).
From 1964 audient of The Lugansk State Institute of Art.
Veteran of World War II and Veteran of Labour.
From 1956 he participated in many regional, national and international exhibitions.
His personal exhibition took place in 2004 at The Lugansk National Museum

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Exhibition of works

Mahukov A.V. :: Lilac ::
1970, 48x59, oil on cardboard

Mahukov A.V. :: Winter landscape ::
1970-th, 95х108, oil on canvas

Mahukov A.V. :: River ::
1970-th, 39х63, oil on canvas

Mahukov A.V. :: Milking master Gluboka Taisia ::
1975, 80х140, oil on canvas

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