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Borymchuk Mykhail Petrovych

Ukrainian artist and landscape painter Mykhailo Borymchuk was born in Ukraine, in the village of Popilnya in Zhytomyr Region, on November 20, 1926.
Between 1944 and 1947 he studied at the School of the Arts in Kyiv. When he was in his tenth grade one of his sketches won the second prize in the contest “Life and work of Taras Shevchenko”, and a year later he was awarded with the Certificate of Merit for his sketch “Reconstruction of Khreshchatyk” in the “Ukraine Rebuilt” contest.
In 1947, he enrolled in the Department of Painting of the Kyiv Art Institute where he mastered his skills at the Landscape Art Studio of the Professor Ilya Stylman.
In 1953 he defended his diploma work titled ‘Rozlyv’ [Ukr. ‘flooding’]. During the period 1954-1956 he worked as an artist-designer at the Museum Reserve Kyiv Pechersk Caves Monastery (Lavra).
Since 1956 and until retirement he worked at the Kyiv Regional Department of the Art Fund of the Ukrainian SSR. He participated in all-Ukrainian art exhibitions.
All his life he created landscape paintings of both industrial and general style. In his works he managed to masterly convey the state of nature. He did this with great skill, taste and enthusiasm.
The painter lived a modest life, studied art with renowned masters, continuously improved his skills and never sought to rest on laurels nor strived for recognition.
His works are kept in private collections across Ukraine and Europe, and also in museums of Ukraine.

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