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Bazylev Nikolay Ivanovich

Nikolay Bazylev is a Soviet Ukrainian painter and graphic artist.
Bazylev Nikolay was born on February 15, 1914 in the city Yuzovka.
In 1931 - 1940, he studied at the Kiev Institute of Art, his teachers were Krichevsky and Trohimenko.
Bazylev took part at the Second World War, was awarded the military and government awards.
He participated at the regional and national art exhibitions since 1945. His first personal exhibition was held in 1946.
His favorite genres in the painting were landscapes, genre paintings, portraits and posters.
Bazylev was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Ukraine".
He lived and worked in Kiev.
His art works are represented at the National History Museum, Lviv Art Museum, galleries and collections.

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Bazylev N.I. :: Granny ::
1984, 60х70, oil on canvas

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Bazylev N.I. :: Week-end ::
1978, 100 х 80, oil on canvas

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Bazylev N.I. :: Pioneer summer ::
1977, 60х80, oil on canvas

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Exhibition of works

Bazylev N.I. :: At the walk ::
1971, 50х40, oil on canvas

Bazylev N.I. :: Gutsul ::
1980-th, 49х39, oil on canvas

Bazylev N.I. :: Gymnasts ::
1986, 80 х 80.5, oil on canvas

Bazylev N.I. :: The whirlwind of colorful scarves ::
1973, 60х60, oil on canvas

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